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Black Tide Bracelet


The Black Tide or ‘Mare Nwar’ as it’s referred to in the Native Creol of the Seychelles is a rare but known phenomenon, it is often experienced on moonless nights by fisherman coming back to shore either in the late evening or the early hours of the morning.

The event is unique to each but the core of the stories are as followed: While approaching the island a sudden feeling of fear over-takes the soul, the land in front of you seems to completely vanish into the night and the waters surrounding the boat turns a deep oil-like black, the horizon that divides sky & sea simply disappear. In this moment any attempt to find your heading becomes impossible. You feel as if you are trapped in the dark vacuum of space.

The experience is comparable to closing your eyes and driving.

In the event of experiencing a Black Tide or ‘Mare Nwar’ your only hope lays in the hands of a skilled Captain, as in tradition in Seychelles from youth a young skipper is thought to navigate the waters surrounding his home-shore if he has memorized the path he has taken home countless times before you are in luck, as a jagged ship sinking rocks & sudden whirlpools created by opposing currents can take down an unsuspecting crew in an instant.

This beautiful & terrifying tale was the inspiration for this Bracelet.

Made from 100% Recycled Silicon ethically sourced from Bizpins who provide sustainable jobs in Asia Powered by International Advantage. Engraved with a eco-friendly water-based ink, it was designed to be worn by everyone.


All orders are complete with beautiful Eco-Friendly gift packaging.


Made with love.

FOUNDED IN SEYCHELLES – SESEL™ provides sustainable jobs to artisans and raises awareness for charities with products that give back.

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If you are in Seychelles and would like to find us, we’re at Boat House Boutik at Beau Vallon on Mahé Island.

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