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Free delivery on all domestic orders with coupon code “ILOVESESEL”


Marie Collection


With the success of our Petite Mahé pendants and earrings, we received countless calls from our Loyal clientele to create a Stud format for our Iconic Mahé pieces.


This challenging request would require a complete redesign of our crafting process.


The Petite Collection’s fabrication process had already produced incredibly compact pieces, for the Marie Collection it would need to be pushed to its limits all while determined to maintain the unrivaled quality, detail, and accuracy you’ve come to expect from our hand-crafted pieces.


The key to making this design a reality would come from Mrs. Marie Ally. The Grandmother of SESEL™ Founder Mathieu.


“Mum” as she’s referred to by her children and grandchildren was a self-thought seamstress, a profession which requires unparalleled precision and accuracy, especially when done by hand, which was Mum’s preferred practice. It was this skill that was passed on to Mathieu almost every day as he learned the craft by her side.


Precision and Accuracy with excellence in design was the motto instilled in our Founder as he spent countless hours of his childhood by Mum’s side. It would inevitably be this motto that would be the driving force behind the creation of the Marie Collection.


Limited to 99 Pieces 


The Marie Collection will be limited to only 99 pieces, with each individual piece numbered.

A signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity by our Founder will accompany each individual piece of the Limited Marie Collection.

Because of the extensive amount of time and energy required to design and craft these incredibly tiny pieces, it was decided that the Marie Collection will be limited to only 99 pieces.

The Marie Collection is crafted in the image of the Seychelles largest and most sophisticated Island, Mahé.


Tiny, Cute, and Elegant just like Mahé, the Marie Collection is the smallest and most precise rendition of any island ever created complete with a gilded gold finish that guarantees life-long quality without breaking the bank.


All orders are complete with beautiful Eco-Friendly gift packaging.


Made with love.

FOUNDED IN SEYCHELLES – SESEL™ provides sustainable jobs to artisans and raises awareness for charities with products that give back.

We provide worldwide shipping with tracking straight from The Seychelles.

If you are in Seychelles and would like to find us, we’re at Boat House Boutik at Beau Vallon on Mahé Island.


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm


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