Journey into Seychelles, Discover Your Signature Island Style.

Welcome to SESEL, where passion meets craftsmanship, and each piece of jewelry is a work of art. Established with a commitment to celebrating individuality, our jewelry store is a haven for those who appreciate timeless elegance and exquisite design.

Our Story
Like all great love stories, it all started when a boy met a girl.
On a beach in the Paradise Islands of Seychelles. The boy found her so beautiful that she reminded him of the beauty of the Indian Ocean itself.


He wanted to offer her something that truly reflected how breathtaking she was to him.
He looked high and low but could not find a single jewel that matched her irresistible and bewitching charm, left with no other choice the boy would have to craft it himself.

His first design and creation is the now iconic La Digue Wave® Ring,
which drew inspiration from the crashing waves on the shores of the La Digue island where the boy’s heart was for the last time his own.

This was the start of our Journey.
‘Sesel’ pronounced “Say-Sell” is the Seychellois Creole name for the Seychelles Islands.
A deep and powerful name that carries great strength history and meaning to the people of Seychelles.

Our Founders the boy who was moved to create by love and the girl who inspired and continues to inspire our growing collection are now happily married and work side by side to spread the spirit of Sesel across the world.

We are proud to Support Local Artisans who work with sustainably sourced base materials to create truly unique and iconic pieces of Jewelry.

Our Products can be found all over the main 3 Islands so do not be afraid to be a little brave and ask where you can find a little piece of ‘Sesel’ to call your own.

Our Founder and Owner

Mr. Salim Christoph Wayne Mathieu

Happy Clients

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